Mariko Fukui

Mariko Fukui

I'm working as Communication Planner at Digital Agency.

I often write my updates in English. Sometimes in Japanese, Norwegian,Chinese and German.
My purpose for studying other languages is that I want to communicate with various people and talk about interesting topics not at surface-level but at fundamental-level.

About me:
Open mind / Positive / Easy going / Having interest in different culture and people / Love to talking with people / Love to know different culture and languages.

コミュニケーション / Communication
広報 / Public Relations
異文化 / Different culture
社会問題 / Social issue
チームワーキング / Team working
プロジェクトベースの学び方、働き方 / Project based learning and working

Favorite things:
旅 / Travel
料理 / Cooking
ワイン / Wine
写真 / Photo
建築 / Architecture
テーブルコーディネート / Table coordination
フラワーアレンジメント / flower arrangement
ジャズライブ / Jazz Live
自転車 / Bicycle
ジョギング / Jogging
釣り / Fishing

Private activities and Projects :
ウェブサービス企画 / Web service and App
通訳ガイド / Guide for foreign visitors

I showed foreign visitors around Kansai area when I lived in Osaka.
I hope that foreign visitors will enjoy eating local foods,seeing great places and meeting local people!

Travel history:
I have ever been to..
Norway 2008 & 2009 (Oslo,Bergen,Trondheim)
Germany 2009 (Frankfurt,Munich,Rothenburg)
Spain 2010 (Barcelona,Mallorca)
Australia 2010 (Perth,Rottnest)
Singapore 2011 (Singapore)
Of course, Lots of nice places in Japan !!;)

I travel once or twice a month at least with my friends or alone.
Looking forward to meeting more new inspiring people and great places around the world.
I'd like to explore new possibilities!

Private projects websites:
*B&A -Create "Omoroi" team-
App planning and development

*First Android App "Meet!"

*Guide for foreign visitors
You can contact with me on Couch Surfing

Activities for disaster prevention

*Public Relations / Rohm Plaza Core Project 2007

*Public Relations / Japan Norway Student Forum 2008

*Speaker Education session / KIFEE 2009 (Kyoto International Forum for Environment and Energy)